Making history at GemLife Bribie Island


We’re often told fascinating stories by our GemLife residents, and this is just one of the occasions where we can share them with the masses. Two of our residents who will be moving in to their brand new GemLife home over the coming months, decided to place a time capsule into the concrete slab – making sure they make their own permanent mark in history. Rose and Arthur Slater tell us why they decided to make one and what’s inside:

“I have always enjoyed history and archaeology in general, particularly as we have Viking ancestry on my side with two sets of grandparents coming from the greater Liverpool area of the UK. The area is well-known to have plenty of Scandinavian influence, from place names to genetics and I have always been fascinated by it.” said Arthur.

“The idea for a time capsule came from that. I really enjoy the thought of people digging up the capsule in 100 years or even a million years’ time and scratching their collective heads wondering what it is – that is, if they still have heads in the future!

“We put a number of things in there, including some cuttings of stone baguettes and cabochons like you would see on a brooch. We placed a photo of Rose and myself, our children, and a stone from Bude in Cornwall, UK – where my daughter lives. Lastly, we placed my dog-tags from my time during the Rhodesian forces. The time capsule as a whole is really just a snapshot of our family life – nothing too detailed – just enough to keep people guessing in the future and a little bit of nonsense.

“Providing military records are kept as carefully as they are now, anyone who discovers it in the future could potentially track us down from the information engraved on the dog tags. But for now, the time capsule can remain a not-so-secret-secret underneath the concrete.”